Tanjung Beach in Ranai City, Natuna Regency - Indonesia

Natuna Regency is one of the most recommended tourist spots in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. In terms of tourism, perhaps Ranai City becomes the center of it. Not only it is the capital of Natuna Regency, but it is also the home of a beautiful beach called Tanjung. It resides near to the city, which is about 25 km. Aside from its beauty; the beach has a unique feature like the majestic view of Ranai Mountain. No wonder, it becomes a great spot for sightseeing and relaxation. For those who love photography, Tanjung Beach is a good choice.

The Nuance
The color of the sand is gray and the beach features a formation of dense coconut trees. The waves are relatively calm, so it is safe for swimming. Next, it is related to the scenery. As mentioned before, Tanjung Beach features a great view of Ranai Mountain. The peak of the mountain is covered by mist and clouds sometimes, which looks so astonishing. Some facilities like bungalows, chairs, food vendors, and toilets are available on the site and these are managed by the locals. When it is about visitors, not many people are seen on the beach but local young girls and boys.

Exploring Tanjung Beach
The best thing to do in Tanjung Beach is relaxation. Tourists can take advantage of its peaceful nuance and breezy wind. It can be done on the wooden bungalows and nearby facilities, while enjoying local snacks and drinks. Thanks to the presence of coconut trees and other vegetation. The atmosphere becomes so comfortable there. Also, activities of the locals make the beach merrier. They sell snacks and offer various types of services to tourist on the site like guiding and massage. Do not forget to buy fresh coconut drinks when enjoying relaxation on the beach.

Tanjung Beach is also popular due to the serene nuance of the dusk. In the afternoon, many local kids come to the beach running on the sand and playing water. As for tourists, such nuance is indeed romantic and peaceful so they can create a good memory with friends or families. The best thing is that visitors can also see Senoa Island clearly from the beach. The only disappointment is that no sunset can be seen on the beach.

There is no fee to enter Tanjung Beach, so everyone can freely explore the site. Despite the fact, that does not mean tourists can spoil the environment by littering or do any harm to nature.

Nearby Attractions

  • Senoa Island
  • Ranai Mountain
  • Alif Stone Park
  • Sindu Stone

How to Get There
From Ranai City, a trip to Tanjung Beach takes only 10 minutes as the distance is 6.2 km. It can even be faster if you take Sihotang Street. The beach resides in East Bunguran Sub-District and it is near to both Limau Manis and Sepempang Village.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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