Sisi Beach in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Natuna Regency has been chosen as one of the best destinations to enjoy island hopping and to spend good times in beaches. Here is one of them. The name is Sisi Beach, which is located in Serasan Sub-District. Due to its beauty, the beach, in fact, once became one of the best virgin beaches in the world according to Island Magazine (September 2006). No wonder, it becomes more popular over time among both local and foreign tourists. They come to the beach to enjoy relaxation and witness majestic view of the cliff located near to the site.

The Nuance
Tourists may realize at once that Sisi Beach has numerous features and natural attractions once they arrive at the site. First, a grandiose cliff resides in the back of the shoreline, creating a shady nuance to the site. Next, white sand covers the entire part of the coastline where tourists can conduct beach walking and relaxation. What is next? It is the seawater, which is crystal clear and features big waves. Not to mention the wind is quite gusty. Overall, the atmosphere is quite comfortable and it suits for relaxation.

Exploring Sisi Beach
In terms of geographical aspect, the beach unfolds from Payak Village to Resak Cape of Jermalik. Perhaps it takes some time for beginners to get to the location due to the complicated access. Have no worries. Tourists can reach the location through Genting Village and the best time to visit the beach is in the afternoon, where more people are seen and the atmosphere is more pleasant. With no heat of the sun, you can enjoy relaxation and witness sea scenery with your families. Do not forget to carry a mat, though.

The shoreline has the length of about 7 km, which is suitable for beach walking. One thing, you must wear sandals or other types of footwear when walking on the coastline, due to the presence of small gravels that scatter all over the site. Despite the fact, the beauty of white sand never fails to amuse tourists. Once you enjoy beach walking, you can try more interesting activities especially surfing! Dare you to conquer those waves? Make sure to carry the surfboard, though. As for swimming, it is not recommended due to the big waves.

According to the locals, the best time to visit Sisi Beach is during “Lebaran” when the locals come to the site and conduct several games like tug of war, canoeing, etc. In fact, tourists are allowed to join the competition! Such moment also provides the opportunity for those who love photography. Tourists can take pictures of the games and any natural attractions located in Sisi Beach. What do you think?

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to get to Serasan Sub-District, you need to take a local transportation service from Ranai City to the local port. Next, it takes KM Bukit Raya (local boat service) and head to Serasan. It takes much time, though, which is about 10 hours! Therefore, it is recommended to carry ample supplies and come in a good health condition before heading to the destination.

Where to Stay
Available hotels are in Ranai City

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