Bunguran Island in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands Province - Indonesia

One of the islands that belong to Natuna Regency is called Bunguran. Perhaps it is the most crowded island in Riau Islands Province, both in terms tourism and population. After all, it is the home of Ranai City (the capital of Natuna Regency). No wonder, it becomes a primary checkpoint for tourists who come to Natuna. Not only it provides sophisticated facilities, but the island features amazing natural scenery and reliable transportation service. Overall, no one should miss the chance to visit Bunguran when spending a holiday in Natuna of Indonesia.

The Nuance
One thing that makes Bunguran Island special is that it combines good facilities and natural attractions. That means you can easily find restaurants, hotels, and other facilities while enjoying a great vacation in nature. The best spots are the local beaches that feature crystal clear sea water and fresh air. Not to mention the sand looks appealing with its white color and soft texture. The other natural charms of the island are the view of Ranai Mountain and green lush trees that surround it. With all those features, Bunguran would astonish all of you!

Exploring Bunguran Island
In terms of tourism, Bunguran Island is famous for its natural attractions. First, you should visit the beaches for either relaxation or photography. The amazing nuance of the beach helps you to relax and eradicate stresses at once. On top of that, the air feels so fresh due to the presence of numerous plants and trees growing near to the shoreline. When it comes to tourist activities, you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, surfing, beach walking, etc.

The next adventure is to visit the highland, where Ranai Mountain resides. In this case, the best thing to do is hiking or trekking. Somehow, the refreshing atmosphere of the mountain helps you to find peace and run away from your busy life. However, make sure to come with good stamina and enough supplies. After all, hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires both energy and preparation. As for the tip, you can hire a guide to explore that site. It costs some money, but the service is quite helpful.

Another fun activity to do in Bunguran Island is to enjoy local culinary. Many unique local dishes are available for you to try including Tabel Arok, Tabel Mando, Sagu Butir, Sagun, and much more. Thanks to the facilities. You can easily find traditional food stores or even restaurants in different locations of the island. Make sure to ask the guide or the locals regarding the best place to enjoy those foods. Another important tip is that you should carry more money if you want to try them all.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ranai Mountain
  • Senoa Island
  • Batu Kasah
  • Depeh Beach
  • Senubing Cape

How to Get There
From Jakarta, the best transportation service to take is definitely an airplane. The flight takes about 4 hours to Ranai City (capital of Natuna Regency). Once you arrive at the destination, you have already been in Bunguran Island and can explore it right away.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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