The Floating City in Sedanau Island, Natuna Regency

Sedanau Island is part of Natuna Regency and it has been chosen as one of the most recommended vacation destinations in Riau Archipelago Province. The prime reason is that it is surrounded by mesmerizing sea and consists of numerous sea natural resources including fishes, corals, etc. Another charm of Sedanau is definitely the floating city! Most of the locals live near to the sea, so it is common to see settlements in the shoreline. No wonder, Sedanau becomes an attractive spot for exploration and relaxation among tourists. Somehow, it is suitable to conduct photography too.

The Nuance
It is common fact that Sedanau is known as a trading center due to the presence of many local shops that reside on almost the entire street. It is a good thing for tourists as they can buy some unique items like clothes, souvenirs, crafts, etc. What is next, the main charm of Sedanau Island is definitely its floating city, where many local houses reside on the sea. The houses are made of woods and they are arranged neatly! In the back, a mountainous view looks so amazing!

Exploring the Floating City
The floating city is a nickname given to the Mermarwah City of Sedanau Island, actually. Not to mention it becomes the primary tourist attraction of the island aside from the famous Pasir Marus Beach. Also, you can do many things on the site, especially exploration. It is fun exploring the floating city and to witness any available structures there. During the exploration, it is recommended to carry a camera and take some good pictures there. Do not forget to wear a hat as the heat of the sun can be quite annoying.

After enjoying sightseeing, you can see local’s daily routines especially fishing. The fact is that the locals are mostly fishermen and they often come to the sea to catch some fishes like Ketipas and Kerapu. As for tourists, you are allowed to observe their activity or even join them in the sea! The thing is it takes much effort to catch the fishes as they often hide in the corals. Only local fishermen have the experience to lure them out and catch them right away. Enjoy the experience!

What is next? The Floating City of Sedanau Island is suitable for relaxation. What you need to do is to approach the pier and sit comfortably there. This helps you to relax by watching the open sea and feels the comfy wind of the coastline. One thing, make sure the weather is nice before conducting such activity. Another tip is that you need to carry enough cash for foods, accommodation, and transportation. Don’t you agree?

Nearby Attractions

  • Pasir Marus Beach
  • Kute Mountain
  • Takong Mountain
  • Toknen Mountain
  • Kurai Mountain

How to Get There
A trip to Sedanau Island from Ranai City involves both land and sea. First, you can either visit Binjai or Penagi Port to get a good boat service. As for the tip, make sure to come early in the morning to get the best ship. Next, it is time to go to Sedanau that requires about 1-2 hours of sea trip.

Where to Stay 
Recommended hotels are available in Bunguran Island

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