Sedanau Island Natuna Regency, Riau Island Province

There are lots of ideas to enjoy a memorable vacation when you visit Indonesia, Natuna Regency is no exception. One of them is by visiting Sedanau Island. Many locals also call it Setanau and it resides in Lampa Strait, near to Bunguran Island. Even though it takes some time to reach the island from Ranai City, the trip is definitely worth the effort. The access to get there is relatively easy. Today, the island becomes an option when it comes to enjoy the nature tourism of Riau Islands Province.

The Nuance
A word represents Sedanau Island is flawless. The sea features calm waves and crystal clear blue color. Even the sand is soft and white! The thing is the island has two distinct sides of shorelines, which are the rocky beach and clear water beach. Both of them offer a unique charm, so you should explore them all when visiting Sedanau. The next feature of the island is the presence of coconut trees and other tropical plants. In the background, you can see a grandiose mountain too.

Exploring Sedanau Island
Once you arrive at the island, a peaceful atmosphere and silence will openly welcome you. It feels like visiting a private island where not many are around. Due to its small size, which is only about 1 hectare, all visitors can get around the island easily. It does not even feel tiring to explore the site by walking. As an alternative, you can simply sit and relax near to the beach while enjoying the breezy wind and beautiful scenery of the sea. Do not forget to carry a mat in order to sit comfortably there.

For those who love adventure, you can explore the island wholeheartedly. In the west side, there is a beach with its flawless sand. It is the best place to enjoy some activities like beach walking and relaxation, for sure. Next, you should approach the east side of the island where many granites and stones are scattered beautifully. The waves crash those stones, making a soothing sound which is both relaxing and astonishing. On the site, you should have prepared a camera and take some pictures there.

A rare idea is that tourists can enjoy camping in Sedanau Island. The thing is no facilities are available on the location, so you should have prepared the equipment and supplies beforehand. Another tip is that you should come with either friends or families. Camping alone is not a good idea, after all. As for precaution, do not ever spoil the nature. That means littering is highly prohibited! It is better to carry a plastic bag, which you can use to store trash later.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Ranai City, your first destination is Binjai Port in Bunguran Island. Next, rent a speedboat to Sedanau Island, which takes about 30 minutes. Make sure to come early in the morning, though. The reason is not many speedboats are available, so you need to be early to get one.

Where to Stay

  • Sisi Basisir Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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