Sejuba Beach in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Ranai City is the capital of Natuna Regency and it becomes a nice vacation destination for those coming to Riau Archipelago Province. Why is that? It is because you can find numerous options for vacation spots, including Sejuba Beach! To be exact, the location is in Sepempang Village and it belongs to East Bunguran Sub-District. Unlike other beaches in Natuna that feature mostly white sand, Sejuba offers lots of corals and stones scattering in different spots of the shoreline. This explains why the beach is more popular among those who love photography and exploration, without leaving behind its beauty and tranquility.

The Nuance
After arriving at the location, a great view of the sea welcomes everyone with its calm waves. The next charm is definitely the pile of corals and granites that scatter all over the beach. They look so amazing and often become a perfect object of photography. The next charm is definitely the presence of tall coconut trees that add beauty to the site. Some other trees also grow near to the beach, and they provide a comfy atmosphere to the location.

Exploring Sejuba Beach
Due to its popularity, Sejuba Beach gets much attention from both the locals and government. This is why, today, tourists can enjoy good facilities and the presence of wooden bridges that connect those granites. That means you can explore the site easily and find good spots for photography. Also, at the far end of those stones, you may see a national flag of Indonesia. As if, it shows how amazing the tourism in this country is. Still, everyone should spend some time and stamina in order to explore it. Are you ready for it?

The next good thing about Sejuba Beach is that tourists can enjoy relaxation in nearby gazebos and use the swings that face the sea. Well, relaxation sounds boring, no? In this case, it is better to explore the granites and enjoy better views of the sea from there. The most famous pile of stones is called “Batu Cinta” or the Love Stones. No one knows the origin of its name, but it is said couples often come to the site to enjoy its romantic nuance.

In the north part of Sejuba Beach, in fact, resides a fishermen’s port having the length of about 200 meters. You can approach the port and take some pictures of the local boats and fishermen’s activities too. It is even possible to ride the boat and explore the sea with those fishermen. Still, make sure to get permission first as not all of them are free to grant your wish. They are busy people, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Fortunately, Sejuba Beach is located near to Ranai City, which is only 6.2 km apart. That means you can get to the location for only about 10-15 minutes. This can be done through Sihotang Street, which is considered the best route to take. As for the vehicle, you can either use a private vehicle or local transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel
  • Batu Hitam Hotel

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