Taking over from the former capital of Tanjungpinang on the island of Bintan. Tanjungpinang is, however, still the most important town in the province. Its proximity to Singapore has made it a main business and shopping port and together with the nearby island of Batam, is promising to become an area of major investment and development in the years ahead. The future looks bright for Riau; because of its strategic position with the rest of Asia it is rapidly being developed as a major economic zone.


Royal Palace Hotel
Adi Sucipto Street 10, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 41234

Sampurna Jaya Hotel
Yusuf Kahar Street 15, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21555

Garden Hotel
Gatot Subroto Street 282, Tanjung Pinang
Telp. (0771) 22344

Holiday Karimun Hotel
Trikora Laut Street 1, Tanjung Balai
Phone: (0771) 21065

Pinang Marina Island Cottage
Gudang Minyak Street 133, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21307

Wisata Hotel
Merdeka Street 67, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21067

Sanno Bintan Permai Hotel
Pos Street 25-27, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 22303

Sri Pinang Wisma
Plantar Street I/17-19, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21195

Surya Hotel
Bintan Street 14, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21293

Tanjung Pinang Jaya Hotel
Pos Street 692, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21236

Trikora Beach Hotel
Teluk Bakau Street km 37, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 24454

New City Wisma
HM. Nawawi Street 88, Tanjung Batu
Phone: (0771) 21100

Paradise Hotel
Potong Lembu Street 58B, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 24220

Wisma Riau Hotel
M. Yusuf Kahar Street 8, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21133

Bintan Lagoon Resort
Jalan Indera Segara Site A12.
Bintan Utara, Lagoi, Kepri 29155
Tel: (62) 770 691 388
Fax: (62) 770 691 300

Mayang Sari Beach Resort
Tanjung Tondang Lot Street 123, Sebong, Legio
Phone: (0771) 92580

Bintan Permai Beach Resort
Pantai Impian I Street, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 23661

Baruna Wisma
Bakar Batu Street 27, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21483

Bintan Island Indah
Bakar Batu Street 22, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 21946

Kartika Hotel
MT. Haryono Street km 35, Tanjung Pinang
Phone: (0771) 22446

Mitra Pesona Wisata
Nusantara Puakang Street 15, Tanjung Balai

Batam View Beach Resort
Hang Lekir Nongsa Street, Batam
Phone: (0778) 76140

Harmoni Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street, New Holiday Complex, Batam
Phone: (0778) 459306

Mandarin Regency Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street 1, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 426700

Melia Panorama Hotel
Raja Ali Haji Street, Sei Jodoh, Batam
Phone: (0778) 452888

Nongsa Point Marina Hotel
Nongsa Batam
Phone: (0778) 761333

Novotel Batam Hotel
Duyung Sei Jodoh Street, Batam
Phone: (0778) 425555

Pura Jaya Beach Hotel Resort
Hang Lekir Street, Nongsa, Batam
Phone: (0778) 761430

Turi Beach Resort Hotel
Mata Ikan Bay, Nongsa, Batam
Phone: (0778) 761080

Quality Resort Waterfront City Choice Hotel
Sei Temiang, Waterfront City, Batam
Phone: (0778) 381130

Greenville Cottages
Kuda Laut Street, Batu Ampar, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458282

Halmaya Hotel
Sriwijaya Street 18, Lubuk Baja, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458138

Hill Top Hotel
Ir. Sutami Street 8, Sekupang, Batam
Phone: (0778) 322482

Nagoya Plaza Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street, Lubuk Baja, Batam
Phone: (0778) 459888

Ramayana Hotel
Pembangunan II Street, Komp. Batam Blok F
Phone: (0778) 456888

Royal Eastern Hotel
Raden Patah Street 12, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 452777

Puri Garden Hotel
Teuku Umar Street, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458888

Singa Hotel
Sriwijaya Street, Pelita, Batam
Phone: (0778) 451919

Sri Jaya Hotel
Bumi Indah Complex, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 451338

Bukit Mutiara Hotel
Gunung Bromo Street, Baloi, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458481

Bumi Nusantara Hotel
Gunung Bromo Street, Baloi, Batam
Phone: (0778) 424444

Gita Wisata Hotel
Gunung Bromo Street, Baloi, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458105

Holiday Hotel
Gunung Bromo Street, Baloi Indah Batam
Phone: (0778) 458616

Kolekta Hotel
Raden Patah Street, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 451333

Nantongga View Hotel
Seri Ruci Complex, Sei Jodoh Batam
Phone: (0778) 459795

Sahid Rasinta Hotel
Bukit Housing Estate, Batam
Phone: (0778) 455888

Seruni International Hotel
Nagoya Garden Phase II, Nagoya, Batam
Phone: (0778) 458333

Anggrek Batam Hotel
Sriwijaya Street 18, Batam
Phone: (0778) 451919


Padi Mass Hotel
Pertambangan Street
Phone: (0777) 325555

Holiday Karimun Hotel
Trikora Laut Street 1
Phone: (0777) 21065, 21666

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Tanjung Uma, Beach Tourism Around Batam

In the are of Tanjung Uma, many houses were built on stilts with wooden poles. Because the position of this village is on two headlands, namely Tanjung Lepu and Tanjung Kubur, the local people named the village as Tanjung Uma. Another opinion states that the word uma comes from the English phrase from the word home. What was spoken by the people first was (h)ome, then it became ume and then changed to Tanjung Ume or Tanjung Uma. For seafood lovers, the variety of fish sold at Tanjung Uma is…

Complete Your Traveling at Mepar Island, Lingga

Riau Islands Tourism Your visit to Lingga Regency seem no complete without traveling to island of Mepar. Located precisely in front of the Tanjung Buton Port, the island is not only beautiful but also rich in history. Its friendly peoples and strongly maintained its tradition is the additional bonus that you would find if you visit there. Do not forget, taste their typical culinary and also carry a variety of native crafts as a souvenir. Administratively, Mepar island is part of the Lingga District, which has approximately, 5000 m2 wide,…

Tanjung Uban, Bintan – Riau Island

Tanjung Uban Tanjung Uban is a town districts in Bintan, Riau Islands Province. The city is also included in Bintan Island which has a sea port for expedition ships and pioneer passenger ships belonging to PT. Pelni. Kota Tanjung Uban is also the access to Batam Island and Singapore. In Tanjung Uban lies an BIIE industrial area in Lobam and BRC tourist areas in Lagoi. Before 1963, the community of Tanjung Uban use Singapore dollars in transactions, as well as residents of other Riau Islands. Rupiah Riau Islands (KR) becomes…

Lagoi Beach, Bintan – Riau Islands

Lagoi beach is located in North Bintan sub-district, Bintan, Riau Islands province. This beach is majestically beautiful and have the same value as other beaches in Bali or Lombok. By the beauty inside the beach, there are foreigners coming along to enjoy the beach, especially for those who come from Singapore. It only takes 45 Km between Lagoi beach and Singapore, and that makes the Singaporean come to the beach often. Lagoi beach offers the magnificent nature beauty. Coconut trees, white sandy beach, the rolling waves and every detail nuance…

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