The Floating Port in Senoa Island, Natuna Regency

In Natuna Regency, Riau Archipelago Province, you can find several small islands apart from Bunguran. One of them is called Senoa and it is known for its unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches. In order to improve the accessibility, the government has provided a simple port to the island. Today, it is known as “Pelabuhan Terapung” or a floating port of Senoa! As you may expect, it functions mainly as the place where passenger boats get anchored. Yet, it has become a new tourist spot among travelers these days and the reason is none other than its unique nuance and amazing sea scenery.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the port does not have luxury features. Still, it functions well as a prime part of the island and becomes an interesting place to spend a holiday. The first reason is that it is located in a sloping shoreline, featuring beautiful Tosca seawater and views of nearby islands on the horizon. In terms of size, the port is not quite big and it is made of woods. It features iron fences and several lightings too. When it comes to the wind, it feels so rejuvenating on the site.

Exploring the Floating Port
According to the villagers, the floating port of Senoa Island was built in 2015. That means it is still in a perfect shape!  The length of the port is about 40 meters and it has the width of 4 meters. The best thing is that the port adjusts the level of seawater perfectly, so it helps local boats to get anchored without hassles. Despite the fact that it floats on the sea, the port won’t get carried away by the waves due to the presence of stakes on its sides.

After witnessing the structure of such floating port, you can enjoy some fun activities on the site. For example, it is relaxation. Accompanied by breezy wind, warm weather, and mesmerizing sea scenery, tourists would get an amazing experience while relaxing at the port. It is as simple as sitting on it while watching the sea. One thing, do not cause havoc or litter on the location. For those who carry snacks or drinks, make sure to take care of the trash later.

Many other fun activities can be done near to the floating port, including fishing. In this case, you can either fishing on the spot or rent a “Pompong” (local boat) to get to the sea and catch more fishes there. For the second option, it costs some money so you need to prepare the cash beforehand. At the end of the adventure, the last thing to do is to eat locals' grilled fishes on nearby stalls. Such seafood tastes so great!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Mangroves Site

How to Get There
In terms of administrative, the floating port of Senoa belongs to East Bungaran Sub-District. To be exact, it resides in Sepempang Village. If you come from Ranai City, the trip takes about 20 minutes and the distance is 9.5. Another consideration is the route to take, which is Sepempang Street.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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