Setai Island in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

One of small islands that belong to Natuna Regency is called Setai. It has become the pride of the locals due to many reasons, including its beauty and popularity. The fact is that the island once became a berth for National Geographic’s cruise ship. Still, most tourists come to the island for its pristine nature. The location is near to Sedanau Island, so it is possible to perform island hopping too. Like its siblings, Setai is suitable for relaxation, photography, and water sports. Somehow, many people come to the island to eradicate stresses and make a beautiful memory with friends or spouse.

The Nuance
It is, without a doubt, Setai Island features an unspoiled nature like calm waves and serene landscape. In the horizon, an amazing view of mountains would impress everyone. The next important feature is the beach, having the shoreline of 5 meters. Despite the short size, the beach never disappoints tourists as it owns a peaceful nuance and amazing sea scenery. That means you can witness various fishes and corals living there. This also explains why many tourists come to the location for diving. Are you interested?

Exploring Setai Island
The fact is that Setai Island does not have many facilities, so all tourists should carry their own equipment including snorkeling gear, camera, snacks, etc. Have no worries. You can rent the gear and buy supplies before heading to the island (in Ranai City). Another fact is that no one lives in the island, so you should not expect services like restaurants and hotels. However, you are allowed to hire a guide or expert diver to accompany you in exploring the island.

Apart from snorkeling or diving, you can enjoy other activities like photography. Thanks to the amazing natural views offered by the island. Visitors can explore all part of the site and take some pictures of it, including sea scenery, lush trees, etc. As for the recommendation, the best spot for photography is in the beach, where you can witness both sunrise and sunset. It doesn’t have to be artistic photography, as you can simply take selfies.

Here are some tips you can use to get the best experience in Setai Island. First, make sure to apply sunblock when exploring the island, especially at noon. Second, always get prepared in terms of supplies. That means you must have prepared some snacks and drinks before approaching the island. Next, wear comfortable clothes and footwear as your adventure is going to be tiring. As for the schedule, you can come to the island anytime as no fixed schedules have been made yet.

Nearby Attractions
Sedanau Island

How to Get There
Setai Island belongs to Pulau Tiga Sub-District, and it takes about several hours from Ranai City. From Ranai, your first destination is Selat Lampa Port. Next, you should rent a boat and head directly to Setai. One thing, the fee becomes more expensive during weekends and holidays so you must have prepared the budget beforehand.

Where to Stay
No hotels are available in Setai Island. You can get the room either in

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