Madu Stone in South Bunguran Sub-District, Natuna Regency

An idea to visit Natuna Regency in Riau Archipelago Province is indeed interesting. There are many tourist destinations in Indonesia, yet not many tourists realize the charm of this region. Thus, what this area can offer to the tourist? One of the answers is Madu Stone. The location of MAdu Stone is in Cemaga Village and it belongs to South Bunguran Sub-District.  According to the history, there was honeycomb nest found in the midst of granites on that site, therefore the local named it as Madu Stone which in English Madu is honey. Today, tourists come to the location to enjoy its sea scenery and comfy nuance while eating snacks with families.

The Nuance
In a nutshell, Madu Stone is the name of a formation of granites located near to a local beach in Cemaga Village. Featuring stunning views of the sea, tourists can explore the site wholeheartedly during holidays. The size of those granites is big and looks majestic, too. No wonder, they often become an object of photography. According to the locals, the best time to explore the location is during the low tide. It is the time when the beach appears the most beautiful as compared to regular times. The next information is related to the facilities. It is good news as the site features ample facilities including a parking lot, toilets, food vendors, etc.

Exploring Madu Stone
The most interesting activity to do in Madu Stone Site is to explore the granites. The size of those stones is enormous, so tourists can explore it for fun and don’t forget to take pictures of those granites. Some of the stones have a unique shape, in fact. The only consideration is that tourists should wear good footwear when exploring the site. It is because the landscape is both challenging and slippery sometimes.

Next, it is time to explore the beach. Many fun activities can be done including swimming and snorkeling. Have no worries! You can rent a buoy to safely swim in the sea, especially for kids. If you do not like swimming, spending some time on the shoreline for relaxation is also recommended. In fact, you can rent mats and enjoy watching sea scenery from the shoreline with families. Another available service to rent is the traditional boat called “Sampan Kulek”. As an alternative, you can also rent a water bike and explore the shoreline happily.

Another important facility that tourists can use is the volleyball court. You are allowed to join the game as long as you know the basic rules which is respect other players. On top of that, tourists can use it freely! The only precaution is that visitors should not get too close to coconut trees or sit under them. It is because the coconuts often fall to the ground accidentally, so it can be harmful to tourists.

Nearby Attractions
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How to Get There
From Ranai City, you only need to head south and reach South Bunguran Sub-District. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes as the distance is 55.8 km. As for the best route, you can take Sihotang Street.

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