Midai Island in Natuna Regency, Indonesia

Marine tourism becomes the main attraction in Natuna Regency and one of them is called Midai Island. It is one of the most beautiful islands for tourists to visit and offers unspoiled nature. Not to mention it is the outermost island of Riau Province. To be exact, the location is near to Bungaran Besar Island and it is considered secluded. It got its name from the locals who heard the British voyagers said “Mid-Way”. Despite the small size, the island is worth a visit during a vacation in Natuna and Riau Province, though.

The Nuance
It takes some time to reach the island indeed, but you can enjoy the voyage due to the calm waves and beautiful sea scenery. Once reaching the island, you can feel serene nuance and fresh air, featuring white sandy beaches and soft blue sea water. The other features are clove flowers and coconut trees, which grow well in some parts of the island. Here is the thing. No facilities are available, so you need to bring enough supplies before heading to the island. Another interesting feature is the formation of traditional boats that reside on the beach. Somehow, they become a great object of photography.

Exploring Midai Island
Before exploring the site, tourists should have heard some facts regarding Midai Island.The history has been explained above, actually. However, you must know the presence of the oldest cooperative of the nation called Ahmad & Co. Another important fact is related to the commodity, which says the island is a significant producer of copra since the era of Riau Empire. For further information, you can ask the locals or tour guide during the visit.

For tourists, the best activity to do in Midai Island is definitely sightseeing. The fact is that Midai is a virgin island, as no facilities or buildings have been built there. The best spot to enjoy sightseeing is the beach, where you can find white sand and pristine sea water. Due to its soft texture, the sand is suitable for beach walking for sure. At noon, you can avoid the heat by sitting under coconut trees comfortably. Do not forget to visit local clover farms, as well!

What is next? Another recommended activity is photography. In fact, all features of the island are worth a photoshoot! These include the sea, beach, plants, and others. You do not even need to use a high-quality camera to capture beautiful pictures there. Thanks to the stunning nature. As for the tip, make sure to come during good weather (especially in summer), when the rainfall is low. Do not forget to carry snacks and supplies too.

Nearby Attractions
Bungaran Besar Island

How to Get There
It takes some time by boat to get to Midai Island from Bunguran. Despite the long trip, it is worth your time. Also, the island provides a small port where different types of boats can get anchored there. For a faster trip, it is better to take a speedboat despite the expensive fee.

Where to Stay 
Nearby hotels are only available in Bunguran Island.

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