Datuk Kaya Muhammad II Monument in Sekatung Island, Natuna Regency

It is common knowledge. Natuna Regency’s main charm is the formation of small islands that scatter in different parts of the region. As for the example, you can find Sekatung Island where both beautiful nature and interesting history reside. Apart from natural attractions, a unique structure awaits you there and the name is Datuk Kaya Muhammad II Monument. It was built by the locales and the National Army in order to commemorate the man’s merits to the nation. Due to its majestic appearance and strategic location, more tourists come to the site to witness it from near and take some selfies in front of the monument.

The Nuance
Many words can describe Datuk Kaya Muhammad II Monument. First, it is related to the location, which is considered unique. It is because the structure resides in the shore and faces the sea. Despite the fact, it can withstand both strong wind and abrasion due to its sturdy materials. Second, it is the size! The monument comes with the height of 14 meters and the weight of 2 tons. Also, it resides in an area of 20 x 20 meters. Near to it, you can find small tents for sightseeing and sitting.

Exploring Datuk Kaya Muhammad II Monument
Most tourists come to the monument to enjoy photography, after all. Thanks to the size and unique shape of the statue. It can be either selfie or simply make it as the prime object of the pictures. The only issue is that the site doesn’t provide ample space for lots of tourists. That means you need to queue in order to conduct photography, especially when the place is too crowded during weekends or holiday. Have no worries. Everyone gets his chance to take pictures of such majestic monument.

Aside from photography, the next recommended activity is to learn the history of Datuk Kaya Muhammad II. Who is he, actually? This person had a big role as a fighter during the reign of the Dutch and Japan back then. Due to his bravery and resilient, the locals decided to build the monument as a symbol of struggle and history. Do not worry, as, for the complete story, you can ask the locals or reliable tour agents later.

Another recommended activity is to enjoy sightseeing near to the monument. As mentioned before, a couple of tents are available on the site so you can use it to avoid the heat of the sun and to relax. Not to mention it becomes the best spot to witness stunning view of the sea ahead. Just take your time and enjoy snacks or drinks as well. It even feels better if you come with friends or families.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ranai City
  • Bunguran Island
  • Laut Island

How to Get There
It takes different both and land and sea trip in order to get to the monument. Your checkpoint is Ranai City and the first destination is Penagi Port. Once you arrive at the port, it is time to rent a boat and head to Sekatung Island (where the monument resides) right away.

Where to Stay 
Recommended hotels are available in Bunguran Island. 

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