Semiun Island in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

Apart from Bunguran, other beautiful islands reside in Natuna Regency and one of them is called Semiun. It is located both in South China and Natuna Sea and near to nearby countries – Vietnam & Malaysia. This small and secluded island is suitable for tourists who look for peace and enjoy relaxation. Some people even choose it as their destination for getting away from the routines. Somehow, it is suitable to spend a honeymoon with the spouse. Well, regardless of the reasons, you should learn more about the island by reading this article.

The Nuance
The island looks like a small mountain. Still, it only has the diameter of 18 km. No wonder, with such small size, you can easily get around or explore the island by foot. Even though it looks like an uninhabited island, but now there are already residents who occupy the island. According to sources mentioned that there are two heads of families who currently inhabit in Semiun Island, a total of 5 people. They have lived long enough in Semiun. Due to the neglected condition of the island and the absence of development, then they have to survive with makeshift conditions.

In terms of beauty, the island offers majestic landscape and amazing views of nature. Perhaps the most significant one is its shallow and clear sea water. In fact, you can see fishes and corals clearly from the shoreline. The waves are small and safe for swimming, too!

Exploring Semiun Island
The first thing to do in Semiun Island, before exploring the island, is to visit the Islanders. The thing is not many people live there. You can only find two households, living peacefully and modestly. They survive by depending on available natural resources like coconuts and fishes. To buy necessities, they come to Pulau Laut Sub-District by trading the commodity with products they need. Due to limited facilities and resources, the island does not attract people from Ranai to live there. However, tourists think differently and make the island as one of their tourist destinations in Natuna Regency.

After talking to the islanders and witness their daily routine, it is time to explore Semiun. What are available there? The first charm is the presence of green sea turtle! It is because the island becomes a comfortable habitat for such rare sea creature, especially during spawning season. If you are lucky, you can see those beautiful creatures on the shoreline laying their eggs! In this case, you can ask the islanders regarding the best time to visit the beach.

Another thing to do is to enjoy water sports. Thanks to the small waves. You can do almost everything including swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The only consideration is that you need to prepare the gear beforehand. Have no worries, though. You can rent one in Ranai City or nearby facilities. As for the foods, you can either carry snacks or gather with the islanders to enjoy meals together. They are friendly, after all.

Nearby Attractions
Anambas Island

How to Get There
The island is located in the northwest and borders with Anambas Island. Administratively, Semiun Island belongs to Pulau Laut Sub-District. One thing, you should take a boat in order to get to the island. The cost varies, depending on the operator’s policy, though. As an alternative, you can hire a tour agency who can arrange the trip for you.

Where to Stay
Nearby hotels are only available in Bunguran Island

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