Sahi Island in Natuna Regency, Indonesia

A great vacation features a beautiful tourist destination and everyone knows it. If you want to get a memorable holiday, you should come to Natuna Regency someday. It belongs to Riau Province and offers various natural attractions like beaches, islands, and many others. One of them is located in Northeast Bunguran Sub-District, called Sahi Island. Despite the small size, the island is accessible for everyone, especially during the low tide. Not to mention it has unique landscape and distinct beauty, as compared to other islands. That means Sahi can be an alternative for those who have the time to explore Riau Province.

The Nuance
From afar, Sahi Island looks like a giant rock, which is unique. Fortunately, the location is near to the shoreline so you can get to the island without hassles. Once you get near to the island, what you can find is the formation of rocky landscape and serene nuance. In terms of size, Sahi is small, which is only about 1 hectare. It has the height of 40 meters, though. The next fact is that the island is uninhabited so you should not expect facilities there.

Exploring Sahi Island
A word can represent Sahi Island, which is “rock”. It is because you mostly see rocks on the island. The name itself means “toples” or a jar due to its shape which is similar to that item. The island even has a small cave or hole in the front part of it. Also, it said the island is related to the local legend, which is somehow similar to West Sumatra’s Malin Kundang. You can learn more about the story from nearby villagers, actually.

Both Sahi Island and Sahi Beach are connected during the low tide. At the time, you can approach the island from the beach even by walking! The distance is about 300-400 meters, so it won’t be tiring at all. In fact, it is possible to swim to the island from the beach during the high tide. For those who look for a more comfortable trip, riding a boat is quite recommended. However, it costs some money to rent the boat.

The best activity to do in Sahi Island is photography. The rocky landscape and sea scenery accompany you there, so make sure to capture good nature photos during the visit. As an alternative, exploration is possible but you must pay attention to your steps due to the uncomfortable landscape. As for the tip, it is important to wear boots or other similar footwear when getting around the site. Do not forget to carry bottled water, especially if you come at noon. It is also recommended to wear a hat or sunglasses to avoid the heat of the sun.

Nearby Attractions

  • Selahang Beach
  • Sahi Beach
  • Bunguran Island

How to Get There
Your checkpoint is definitely Ranai City. From there, you can take any local transportation service and head to Northeast Bunguran Sub-District. The distance is 25, so it takes about 50 minutes to get there. Once you arrive at Sahi Beach, you can cross to the island either by foot or boat depending on the tide.

Where to Stay 
Nearby hotels are only available in Bunguran Island.

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