Kemudi Island in Natuna Regency, Riau Islands - Indonesia

In terms of beauty, Riau Islands is famous for its formation of islands. This explains why tourists can enjoy a beautiful vacation by exploring those islands! As for the reference, there is Kemudi, which is a small island located across Cemaga Village. The island belongs to South Bungaran Sub-District, actually. That means visitors only need to go south from Ranai City (the capital of Natuna Regency) in order to get to the island. Once they arrive at the destination, tourists can enjoy some fun activities like exploration, beach walking, swimming, snorkeling, and photography.

The Nuance
Surrounded by the sea, Kemudi Island offers a wonderful marine view including waves, pristine sea water, and a stunning beach! In the shoreline, mesmerizing white sand may welcome everyone with its charm. In the back, a formation of tropical bushes and trees accompany tourists to enjoy a comfortable vacation there. When it comes to the waves, the size is considered big but remains safe for swimming and snorkeling. The next information is that no people living on the island, so the nuance is quite peaceful.

Exploring Kemudi Island
Due to its serenity and beauty, the island suits any types of tourist activities especially water sports. This explains why snorkeling becomes the most recommended activity when spending time in Kemudi Island. The first reason is that the seawater offers excellent visibility and not to mention it is warm. A formation of corals resides around the island and several types of tropical fishes swim beautifully near to the location. Here is the thing. Tourists should carry their own snorkeling gear, as no facilities or services operate on the island.

The next fun activity to do in Kemudi Island is to visit the habitat of sea turtle, where they often come ashore and lay some eggs. Unfortunately, the number of eggs decreases over time due to the activity of local fishermen who often come to the location hunting those eggs. As for tourists, it is better not to take the eggs in order to preserve the life of those exotic animals. However, it is allowed to take some pictures of them and get near to the sea turtles.

Another common activity to do in Kemudi Island is to enjoy camping. As long as you carry your own tent and other equipment, camping would be an unforgettable experience there, accompanied by breezy wind, starry night, and the sound of the waves. Do not forget to carry snacks and drinks, though. Later, you also need to take care of trash in order to retain the cleanliness of the environment of the island.

Nearby Attractions

  • Alif Stone Park
  • Sindu Stone

How to Get There
From Ranai City or the capital of Natuna Regency, you can take any local transportation service and head to South Bungaran Sub-District right away. The trip takes about 50 minutes and the distance is approximately 33.3 km. As for the best route, you can take Sihotang Street. Make sure to use a good vehicle, though. It helps you to get to the location comfortably and faster. After arriving at Cemaga Village, you can simply walk to the beach for about 5 minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Batu Hitam Hotel
  • Natuna Island Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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