Batu Rusia or Rusia Rock in Ranai City, Natuna Regency - Indonesia

Natuna Regency is part of Riau Archipelago Province, Indonesia. Not only it is famous for its beaches and natural scenery, the region owns unique rocks scattered near to Ranai City. Perhaps some of you have heard about Sindu Rock, no? Yet, other majestic rocks also reside in that region and one of them is called Batu Rusia. The greatest charm of the stone is definitely the size, which is both big and majestic. The next charm is the history, which will be discussed later below. Another charm is the aesthetic value that makes almost all tourists want to take pictures of it during the visit.

The Nuance
The rock has an enormous site and it is surrounded by bushes and trees. The local government even built fences that surround the stone. In some part of the rock, you can see a big engravement of USSR anchor. Unlike Sindu Rock, which resides on a hill, Rusia Rock is located on the roadside, so tourists can easily notice it. Not to mention it takes no much effort to get to the location. Despite the fact, not many tourists are seen there. Perhaps travelers are more interested in the natural attractions offered by Sindu Rock instead of the historical value offered by Rusia Rock. Still, this tourist spot is worth a visit during a vacation in Natuna.

Exploring Rusia Rock
As for tourists, the first thing you should do in Rusia Rock is to learn the history. According to the locals, there was once a Russion ship passing by Natuna but it crashed to the reef. The survivors patiently waited for the help from their country on a nearby giant rock. They decided to mark the rock in order to notify their presence. It is said there were about 40 survivors back then, but no one knows whether those people could come back to their home country or not.

Next, Rusia Rock is worth a photo shoot. No wonder, almost all visitors come to the site to capture some pictures of the rock or take selfies in front of it. The shape of the rock is more interesting as compared to other famous stones in Natuna Regency like Sindu and Kasah. No wonder, it is more popular among those who love photography.

The only disappointment is that tourists are not allowed to touch the stone. The local government built fences to keep people away from spoiling the condition of the rock. It is not an issue, though. You can simply watch the stone from distance and take pictures of it. Make sure to capture the USSR anchor mark engraved on it.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Rusia Rock is located in Sepempang Village and it belongs to East Bunguran Sub-District. For those coming from Ranai City, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the site as the distance is 9.5 km. As for the fastest trip, you can take Raya Sepempang Street.

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel
  • Batu Hitam Hotel

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