The Wonderful Ranai Mountain in Ranai City, Natuna Regency

A beautiful Natuna Regency becomes one of the best attraction in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. Ranai City as its capital is actually the home of the majestic Ranai Mountain. It is the tallest mountain in Natuna and becomes a good destination for hiking and sightseeing. The locals even consider the mountain as a sacred site and make it as a guide when it comes to fishing. It is said the sea is not suitable for fishing if the mountain is covered by thick mist or fog. On the other hand, fishermen would be safe to fish if the mountain features clear weather and sky.

The Nuance
Today, Ranai Mountain becomes tourists’ favorite destination when spending a vacation in Ranai City. The mountain is covered by dense trees and various green plants. In terms of size, the height is about 1,035 meters above the sea level. Not to mention it resides near to the sea and local beaches. This explains why the wind is considered strong in that area, especially once you have reached the higher part of the mountain. Another common feature is the presence of fog in the morning or during cold weather.

Exploring Ranai Mountain
The most common activity to do in Ranai Mountain is hiking. Tourists are able to explore the site while enjoying the nuance of the mountain, including sea scenery and lush nature. The next amazing scenery that you can enjoy is the formation of big stones and granites located on a nearby beach. Along the way to the top of the mountain, you may encounter a stunning waterfall with its refreshing water and peaceful nuance. For some reason, it is recommended to take a bath on that site. Make sure to carry extra clothes, though.

Aside from trekking, tourists can learn the history of Ranai Mountain. Usually, the locals would be glad to tell the story to visitors. Also, tourist agencies would do the same if you ask them. So, what is the story about? It is said there was a little kid who was carried away by sea and got stranded on the mountain. Some people said he came from Thailand, but no one knows the further information regarding the kid. What people know is that the story becomes the part of Ranai Mountain until now.

Another recommended thing to do in Ranai Mountain is to enjoy photography. Due to its fantastic views, almost all objects on the site become a worthy background of photography, including sea scenery, trees, beaches, sky, etc. As an alternative, camping is also a good idea as long as you come at the right time and have obtained permission from the locals. Make sure not to spoil the environment, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ranai Waterfall
  • Alif Stone Park
  • Sindu Rock

How to Get There
From Ranai City, the trip takes only 7-10 minutes as the distance is 3.2 km. You can take Jendraal Soedirman Street to get to the location, actually. When it comes to transportation, you can take either private or public vehicle. 

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • Caesar Hotel

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